cdnjs →

From the folks at CloudFlare comes cdnjs, which is a CDN meant to host all kinds of JavaScript libraries. I want to look into tools like Browserify and Require.js in combination with Gulp.js, but in the meantime, I really like this service.

Chrome webfont bug fix

I ran across the Chrome 33 webfont bug twice in one day, but thankfully I’m not the only one having issues. Apparently it’s a known bug in the past few versions of Chrome where third-party webfonts won’t load on a page without a re-draw. Commenter AceYnyswen re-worked another comment and posted a work-around (read: hack).…

Do It By My Own

Last night I joined a few peers at Galvanize for Refresh Denver‘s monthly meetup. I met up with Matt and DCC newcomer, Gerrica, to hear Jeff Casimir present his “Why Developers Quit” talk (available on YouTube). Amazing beer, tasty pizza, a captivating speech, and engaging conversation make for a pretty great evening. People are the…

Detecting DOM changes


Don’t overthink it. The Situation While using a third-party plugin to upload multiple files in a form, I noticed that the plugin wasn’t behaving as expected. I bypassed the failing plugin option and wrote my own script to add certain attributes to a file picker form input. This worked for the static file picker on…

Small pieces, loosely joined


On Monday I attended the highly-anticipated February meeting of the HTML5 Denver Users Group at Casselman’s Bar & Venue. The speaker (and Meetup organizer), Scott Davis, presented on two newer collections of existing tools: Yeoman and the MEAN stack. Yeoman Yeoman is an interesting group of tools meant to improve productivity of front-end development. Made…



I’m thankful that the culture at Crowd Favorite is one that encourages learning, experimenting, and taking on side projects. Since I moved here in late 2012, I have been spending my Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) mornings at various coffee shops doing just that. I randomly logged into last Fall and stumbled upon the Denver…

The Escape Artists have a new home


I spent a few hours last night moving my parents’ travel blog from Blogger to using WordPress on their own domain. I tried out a few free travel-related themes, but I eventually decided to purchase a premium theme. I’ve come to the conclusion that if a theme has a custom theme admin, it’s way overcomplicated.…

Google Authenticator for WordPress →

After a friend’s recent scare with a Twitter account hijacking, I enabled two-factor authentication for all my accounts that offer it. This plugin allows users to easily enable enhanced security for all users of a WordPress site using the Google Authenticator app. Highly recommended!