Applikation: A Laravel Test Drive

In response to the Louisville Laravel Meetup’s Interview Scheduling demo app, I created Applikation, the app to manage job applications. It was an excuse to get my hands dirty with Laravel in preparation for their next Meetup event. I managed to set up Homestead, set up migration tables, add seed data, and display a basic list… More

Setting up Laravel

Over the holiday, Mom had been gifted a new Macbook Air and was kind enough to send me home with her old 13″ Macbook Pro. After making the appropriate backups, I decided to reformat the Macbook and to turn it into my development machine. During some downtime over New Years, I started with a fresh copy… More

Changing Web Hosts: Bluehost to A Small Orange

In 2002 I purchased shared hosting from GoDaddy for my first professional website, the now-defunct Up until then I had relied on free services, like AOL’s Personal Publisher 2, Angelfire, Geocities, and my college account. I didn’t have anything to compare GoDaddy’s services against, but I quickly became dissatisfied with them: slow page loads… More

iPhone Reboot

I sent my iPhone 5 in the be fixed and they gave me a 16GB reformatted loaner phone. Since my phone has 32GB of storage, I couldn’t restore the loaner with a full iCloud backup. Here are the apps that got me through the week. To me, it’s a statement on how little I need… More

Github Contributions: More than meets the eye

I have a few unemployed friends who have been searching for jobs lately and many companies are requesting links to their Github accounts, but I always found the Github “Contributions” chart to be misleading. Here’s a public screenshot of mine, for example: It looks like I have a few days of heavy work but then forget about Github for long… More

Practical Examples of Recursion

While a member was preparing for a code interview last night, Denver Code Club had a great discussion on recursion, though we were limited to only having a few practical examples of it. Have you used recursion outside of the classroom? Provide a pull request of your example.

Summer of JavaScript

Though we’ve continued to unofficially meet up every week, Denver Code Club hasn’t had an event scheduled for awhile. The co-organizer, Matt Steele, and I took a few months off, examining the state of our careers and carefully considering which directions we wanted to go. We’ve reorganized and come up with an official plan of attack: Summer of JavaScript. Unfortunately,… More