FluentConf 2015 Review

Denver Code Club, the technical study group I help organize, is sponsored by O’Reilly Media, a technical publisher. Among many other community-oriented things, O’Reilly hosts several conferences throughout the year in several locations around the country. This week I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco and attending FluentConf, their annual event primarily dedicated to JavaScript and front-end web… More

Update hosts file for Laravel Homestead via Terminal

While playing around with Homestead, Laravel’s pre-packaged Vagrant virtual machine, the documentation suggests that when you edit Homestead.yaml and re-provision the vm,  you should manually edit the /etc/hosts file. I found that it doesn’t take advantage of the Vagrant Hostsupdater plugin. To (micro-)optimize my workflow, I’ve added a function to my .bash_profile: Now I can type hup… More

E-book Addiction

I recently upgraded from an iPad 2 to a iPad mini 3 Retina and have been on a e-book-buying kick. Despite my initial resistance, everything looks good on a retina screen and I’m amassing quite the library! As I come across interesting books, I am compelled to grab a copy. Sometimes the books will go… More

Introducing Karten

What is it, you ask? Karten is a WordPress plugin to plot Instagram photos on a Google Maps map. The plugin will go find all geo-tagged Instagram photos relating to desired user(s), hashtag, date range, start/end date, and/or maximum number of posts and plot them on a Google Map. Let’s see it in action: Karten… More

Applikation: A Laravel Test Drive

In response to the Louisville Laravel Meetup’s Interview Scheduling demo app, I created Applikation, the app to manage job applications. It was an excuse to get my hands dirty with Laravel in preparation for their next Meetup event. I managed to set up Homestead, set up migration tables, add seed data, and display a basic list… More

Setting up Laravel

Over the holiday, Mom had been gifted a new Macbook Air and was kind enough to send me home with her old 13″ Macbook Pro. After making the appropriate backups, I decided to reformat the Macbook and to turn it into my development machine. During some downtime over New Years, I started with a fresh copy… More

Changing Web Hosts: Bluehost to A Small Orange

In 2002 I purchased shared hosting from GoDaddy for my first professional website, the now-defunct freemanc.com. Up until then I had relied on free services, like AOL’s Personal Publisher 2, Angelfire, Geocities, and my college account. I didn’t have anything to compare GoDaddy’s services against, but I quickly became dissatisfied with them: slow page loads… More