Front-end engineer providing a seamless bridge between design and the back-end, currently based out of Denver, Colorado. Experience with developing single-page applications in React/Redux and AngularJS in addition to WordPress themes and plugins for enterprise companies. Specialties include full-stack JavaScript development, responsive web design, mobile optimization, and scalable, performant CSS.


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2009
Concentrations in Web Development, Graphic Media and Psychology


Organizer of the Denver Code Club, a semi-monthly meetup dedicated to providing space for web developers to further their professional education

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: JavaScript, CSS/Sass/Next, HTML, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, JSON, XML, bash
Frameworks/Libraries: React.js/Redux, Electrode, Loopback, Node.js, AngularJS, Webpack, Gulp.js, jQuery, WordPress
Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Terminal, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Webstorm/Sublime Text 3
Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS X and iOS, Microsoft Windows
Other: Git, Jira/Stash/Atlassian products, Agile workflows, responsive web design

Personal Projects

Developed a WordPress plugin, Karten, to display geo-tagged Instagram photos on a Google Maps map in page/post content or within a theme, leveraging WordPress best practices, PHP and JavaScript OOP principles, and AJAX.

Planned, constructed and iterated upon a contacts management single-page application and custom REST API using AngularJS, MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js.

Created a pediatric emergency medical reference for paramedics as a mobile web application using PHP, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, CSS3 transforms and animations, HTML5 client-side database, and HTML5 offline detection


Kenzan, Denver CO
Technical Architect (May 2018 – present)

Kenzan, Denver CO
Lead Front-End Developer (January 2016 – May 2018)

  • Use HTML5, CSS3/Next, JavaScript, Git, Webpack, and REST APIs to develop complex, responsive enterprise web applications
  • Delegated tasks to a full-stack team of to six; provided training and coaching for junior developers
  • Performed PCI audits on front-end pull requests and add bug fixes to features on a large-scale, multi-repository billing interface project using AngularJS, LESS, HTML5, Git, and Gulp/Grunt
  • Led a front-end team of five to create new features, make updates to existing features using AngularJS, and consume JSON microservices in an Agile environment. Responsible for the front-end architecture, pull request reviews, post-merge deployments, and releases
  • Wrote JavaScript/AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS3/Sass and performed unit testing for new features on a successful streaming video rebranding project
  • Research, establish, document and maintain company coding best practices, development organization and workflow standards

Voltage Advertising, Louisville CO
Senior Developer, Team Lead (April 2015 – January 2016)

  • Use HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Git, Gulp, Grunt, and REST/SOAP APIs to develop complex responsive WordPress themes and plugins
  • Use AngularJS for both single-page applications and adding enhanced functionality to PHP views
  • Delegate projects to four team members and provide mentoring for junior developers
  • Interface with clients and vendors and manage expectations during development. Have been instrumental in the development and launch of several large projects, leading to overwhelming client satisfaction and the establishment/continuation of long-term business partnerships
  • Research, establish, document and maintain company coding best practices, development organization and workflow standards
  • Created a build script using Gulp.js task runner and a boilerplate theme for internal use

Crowd Favorite, Denver CO
Developer  (December 2012 – March 2015)

  • Developed desktop and responsive WordPress themes using HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and Git
  • Developed projects leveraging AngularJS and MVC frameworks
  • Documented development plans, participated in post-launch evaluations with both in-house and remote teams
  • Developed custom plugins to meet client requirements
  • Customized and refactored company plugins and theme template engine
  • Created a build script using Gulp.js and Node.js for internal use
  • Researched and maintained company CSS, JavaScript best practices

Express Ambulance Co., La Mesa CA
Web Developer (April 2011 – November 2012) Freelance

  • Search engine rank improvement using Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools and social media
  • Designed and developed WordPress themes to align with re-branding

Rosemont Media, San Diego CA
Web Developer (October 2010 – November 2012)

  • Greatly increased the attractiveness of our niche offering by being first to market mobile themes. Optimized mobile product through iterative testing and by using responsive design techniques
  • Developed desktop WordPress themes for doctors using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL. Improved WordPress theme templates for minimal build time
  • Provided and customized jQuery and WordPress plugins to suit client needs
  • Integrated Google Maps into CodeIgniter-backed sales CMS utilizing jQuery, JSON
  • Planned, deployed, and maintained a Mac OS X Server for team web development and company-wide file server
  • Trained other developers in desktop and mobile theme development

Teneleven Interactive, San Diego CA
Web Developer (March 2010)

  • Revised current client sites (PHP/Symfony, Blueprint CSS), Rochester NY
Developer (August 2008 – September 2008)

  • Revised current client sites (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion)

Brand Logic, Rochester NY
Developer (March 2006 – August 2006) Cooperative Education

  • Developed a C#/ASP.NET application to complement a University client’s large-scale fundraising campaign, displaying contributor names and amounts dynamically using AJAX
  • Performed heuristic evaluations and documented information architectures of existing sites to reevaluate the effectiveness of current user interfaces