Junkie drug therapy

Title: Memory Disruption Could Aid AddictsAuthor: Alexis MadrigalSummary: Scientists have done research showing that they can alter the memory of a rat by administering a drug that can upset the process of a memory-forming brain neurotransmitters when delivered alongside a conditioned response. In this case, the researchers conditioned the rat to receive cocaine when a… More

Super vaccine

Title: The Super Vaccine That Protects You From All Types Of Flu For LIFEAuthor: Jenny HopeSummary: Researchers are investigating a more effective influenza (flu) vaccine that would eliminate the need for annual vaccinations. Rather than cater to the projected flu virus strain’s H and N outer-shell proteins, scientists are experimenting with a weakened smallpox strain… More

Cheating hunger

Title: Scientists Try To Stop Hunger With Retooled FoodsAuthor: Maria ChengSummary: Scientists in England are developing foods designed to curb appetites by slowing down the digestive system, therefore signaling the brain to suppress the desire for food consumption. Researchers, like Peter Wilde, are relying on the body’s natural method to digest high-fat foods. Their food… More

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Title: Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against MS, But With Some RisksAuthor: Rita RubinSummary: In a recent study, the leukemia drug, alemtuzumab, has proven effective in treating a remarkable amount of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients when compared to others treated with an alternate drug, Rebif. MS is a disease where a person’s immune system breaks down… More

Turn over a new leaf

Article: Tobacco Could Hold the Key to Revolutionary Gene TherapyAuthor: Aaron RoweSummary: Scientists have discovered a way to inject siRNA (small interfering RNA) into specific cells using a modified tobacco plant virus. This siRNA can reprogram certain cells to attack disease-causing proteins with minimal side effects. The hollowed tobacco plant virus is harmless to humans… More

Let’s get physical. Or not.

Article: Study Promises Benefits of Exercise in a PillAuthor: Alexis MadrigalSummary: Researchers at the Salk Institute have done studies showing that a drug called Aicar can mimic exercise in muscles by activating an enzyme that regulates a cell’s metabolism. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is broken down to create energy to move skeletal muscles, as when exercising.… More

Is fake blood still red?

Article: Synthetic Blood From Stem Cells? Yes, a Company SaysAuthor: David Ewing DuncanSummary:Massachusetts company Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) claims to have developed a potentially unlimited supply of synthetic blood using embryonic stem cells. According to ACT, they have manipulated the stem cells to create blood and claim it to be very similar to real blood,… More

First, Outer, Inner, Last

I came across an awesome application for the Mac today. It utilizes the AirTunes features of my Airport Express and allows me to broadcast anything (not just from iTunes) from my computer onto the AirTunes speakers or the speakers of any computer connected to the Airport Express. You just need to download the client program… More