Restricting uploads to certain file types using Uploadifive

I was tasked with making a multiple file-upload form work in iOS browsers. The current solution leveraged Uploadify, a jQuery plugin which utilizes Flash to allow multiple file uploads simultaneously. A newer version of the plugin is available, called Uploadifive, which is a decent HTML5-based file-uploading plugin. HTML5 natively allows simultaneous file uploads, but for… More

A Dive Into Plain JavaScript

jQuery is great, but when a site calls for minimal scripts, why use it if it’s not needed? Save the user some bandwidth and write in plain JS – it gives you a better understanding of what’s actually happening and it reduces the page’s load-time. I’ll be making more of an effort to do this… More

jQuery no-conflict wrapper redux

Recently, I stumbled upon this tweet: Is there still a real reason to do (function ($) { … }(jQuery)) ? — Dustin Diaz (@ded) January 17, 2014 The jQuery wrapper format is slightly different than the one I’ve been using for the past few years. I then queried the Internet: What’s the difference between (… More

@DenverCodeClub’s Study Group

Today I started the second week of @DenverCodeClub‘s study group for the jQuery Hotshot book. It was held at Aspenware’s new HQ on Lincoln Street and I’d guess 25 people were in attendance. Basically we all show up and work on a chapter in the book on our own, each week being a new chapter.… More